Logitech vs HP Mouse

After using multiple mice from both Logitech and HP, we have noticed that both the brands are trying their best in computer peripherals.

In this Logitech vs HP mouse comparison, we will help you know which brand’s mouse is best for you.

But first, Why should you buy a mouse from Logitech or HP? Why not from others?

Well, the answer is quite simple. 

  • Both the aforementioned brands are on the top when it comes to the mouse.
  • HP offers a wide range of products, but Logitech is specialized in peripherals.
  • Both are premium brands. So don’t worry about the product quality.

As both the brands are among the best, which one offers you the best mouse? Let’s find it out in this Logitech vs HP mouse comparison.

Our Experience with Logitech Mouse

Logitech vs HP Mouse, Logitech Mouse

When we were searching for the Logitech mouse, we found that Logitech has introduced several mice in every price segment.

No matter how much is your budget, you always have Logitech mice as an option to consider.

Now the question is, how is the user experience with affordable and expensive Logitech mice?

With the affordable Logitech mice, you will have a pretty good experience.

Even though the mice are affordable, they still manage to impress.

Mice like Logitech B100, M90, and M100R are the most loved wired mice under Rs 400-500.

They offer satisfactory build quality, heft, and comfort. We never faced any major issues with these mice.

The same goes for wireless mice like Logitech M235, B170, and M275. These are ranked on top of the best wireless mice under Rs 1000.

As you enter the expensive segment, the mice like Logitech MX Master 3 are there to leave you impressed.

Yes, this mouse costs around Rs 7500, but the features it offers are on another level.

Once you use this mouse, going back to affordable ones feels like yore.

We aren’t saying everyone should buy this expensive mouse, but we are saying that Logitech has the potential to impress users when it comes to the mouse of every segment.

So overall, our experience was pretty satisfactory with affordable mice and impressive with expensive ones.

Pros and Cons of Logitech Mice

  • A trusted brand
  • Build quality is good across the lineup
  • Comfortable design
  • Smooth and nice scrolling
  • Expensive mice offer exceptional features
  • Value for money products
  • Some mice of this brand are really expensive

Our Experience with HP Mouse

Generally, big brands compromise on quality or features in order to keep the price as low as possible.

We had doubts about the quality of affordable HP mice, but after using a bunch, we had been proved wrong.

To our surprise, the inexpensive HP mice feel better than the similarly priced Logitech mice.

However, that was not the case with the expensive segment. Logitech is still better in this segment.

Coming to the HP mice, you can get as low as Rs 250 mice from this brand.

Yes, you can’t expect much at this price, but these mice offer a satisfactory user experience with no major complaints.

The more you spend, the more you get. Once you stretch your budget up to Rs 1000, you have excellent options like the HP G360 RGB gaming mouse or the HP Z3700 office mouse.

Talking about the real-life experience, the HP mice never fail to deliver what they are meant to be.

They come with good build quality and offer a good experience.

Talking about our experience, we think that the HP mice offer a slightly better build compared to the Logitech mice. They might lack a little on features, but their quality is on point.

Many users want a simple mouse that is reliable and long-lasting. They don’t require many features. For those, HP mice are the perfect options.

So, our experience with HP mice has been great so far.

Pros and Cons of HP Mice

  • Reputed brand
  • All mice offer solid build quality
  • They offer a satisfactory experience
  • These mice are comfortable to use
  • Scrolling is decent
  • You can get an HP mouse for as low as Rs 250
  • All mice provide a great value
  • Features aren’t that appealing in budget HP mice

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Logitech vs HP Mouse: Which is Better?

To be honest, both brands have launched some great mice in the market. It’s very difficult to pick one over the other.

There are a lot of factors to consider before declaring a clear winner. But we will make it easy for you.

If your budget is under Rs 1000, then put HP on first of your priority list.

Why? Because HP delivers more sturdy and reliable mice in this range.

However, if HP doesn’t offer features that you need like dual-mode, RGB lights, or anything in particular, then you can simply go with Logitech.

Furthermore, reaching out to the HP service center is easier in most locations. So that’s a plus point for HP.

On the other hand, if you want more features, then Logitech mice offer that. Also, if you are looking for a premium mouse, then buying a Logitech mouse makes more sense.

So based on our experience, we recommend you go with either of the brands as both offer the best from their side.

Final Verdict

We haven’t faced any issues from either the HP or Logitech mouse.

It’s not just us, but numerous users are satisfied with both these brands.

So pick any of the brand’s mice, and you will have a good experience.

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So this is our Logitech vs HP mouse comparison. Do you agree or disagree with this comparison? Do let us know.

If you have any questions regarding any particular model, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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