Is Intel 10th Gen Worth it

Laptops with Intel 12th-gen CPUs have started making their way to the market, and we have to admit that these CPUs are significantly more powerful than older-gen CPUs.

But, the price of laptops housing a 12th gen CPU is higher than older-gen CPU laptops.

So, if you can’t spend a hefty amount, then you might be thinking of buying an older-gen CPU laptop like an Intel 10th gen.

If so, then two questions might bother you:

  • Is Intel 10th gen worth it in 2024?
  • Are 10th Gen processors still good?

Don’t worry.

We will help you know whether you should buy an Intel 10th gen laptop and save money or should go with newer gen CPU laptops.

Is Intel 10th Gen worth it For Desktop?

Is Intel 10th Gen worth it For Desktops

Desktop CPUs are way more powerful than laptop CPUs, thanks to the higher clock speed on desktop CPUs.

A dedicated sizable fan and cooling system keep the temperature in control so that the CPU can deliver its peak performance.

One should also know that desktop CPUs last for a longer.

So, if you buy a new desktop processor today, it will keep working for many years without any problem.

Going by this fact, a two year older CPU should perform great today and further for several years.

But is it true?

Upon testing the Intel i5-10400F 10th gen desktop processor, which is two years old now, with ASUS GeForce GTX 1650 Dual-Fan Edition GPU, we have found that this CPU works flawlessly.

It suffers a tiny bit on productivity tasks, but most users wouldn’t even notice it. 

It flew on FHD gaming, and the 4K gameplay was smooth also. The 4k gaming experience also depends on the title you are playing. So your 4k gaming experience may vary.

But overall, what we have found is that the Intel 10th Gen is one of the most powerful desktop CPUs, and it still performs really great.

If you have a budget problem, then you can also go for the i3 10th gen desktop processors.

An i3 10th gen CPU combined with a powerful GPU can deliver excellent gaming performance.

Is Intel 10th Gen worth it For Laptops?

Is Intel 10th Gen worth it For Laptops

The story of laptop processors is different from desktop ones.

There is limited space left in a laptop to fit cooling pipes. No matter how good a cooling system is, a laptop heats when pushed hard.

To prevent overheating, the companies have to lower the clock speed, resulting in reduced performance compared to desktop CPUs.

But how much performance is compromised on laptop CPUs?

The performance degradation is significant. A desktop-based Intel i3 10th gen CPU combined with a good dedicated GPU can play 4K games, but you can’t do the same on the laptop-based Intel i3 10th gen.

The Intel i3 10th gen works just fine for basic tasks, but you can’t expect heavy duties out of it. You can check these Intel i3 laptops under 30k.

But what about the i5 and i7 10th gen CPUs?

Is i5 10th Gen good in 2024?

We know that i5 11th and 12th gen are very powerful CPUs, but you can still buy a laptop with an i5 10th gen CPU.

Intel i5 10th gen is significantly better than the i3 10th gen. It can handle most tasks easily, especially if you are an office user.

Take an example of Honor Magicbook X14. It’s a great value-for-money laptop for office users that comes with all the features and doesn’t cost much.

Students or office users won’t notice the lack of performance or features on this laptop. It’s a well-balanced and ideal laptop for most users.

But what if you are a heavy user or a gamer?

You don’t need to worry, even if you are an intense user.

The Intel i5 10th gen delivers a solid gaming performance when combined with a powerful GPU.

Yes, it can’t match the level of the 12th or even 11th gen in productivity tasks, but most users will be happy with the output.

A good thing is that the laptops with Intel 10th CPU are getting cheaper now, which means you can get more power at less price.

You can have a look at these Intel i5 laptops under 50000.

The newer gen CPU laptops are faster, but it doesn’t mean that the i5 10th gen CPUs have become unusable.

Intel 10th gen processors are still capable of handling most of the tasks with ease.

So if you are getting an Intel i5 10th gen laptop at an attractive price, be it a gaming or office laptop, just buy it.

But if you are getting an 11th-gen laptop at the same price with good features, then it’s always suggested to go for the newer-gen laptops.

Is i7 10th Gen good in 2024?

We already know the i5 10th gen is still a capable CPU, so it’s obvious that the i7 10th gen would also be great.

Because the i7 10th gen is comparatively more powerful than the i5, you should expect great performance from it, even in 2024.

We have a detailed guide that covers if the Intel i7 is a good CPU for gaming, video editing, and music production.

This CPU can easily handle most office tasks with ease, and one can also use it for coding purposes.

Even gaming is also possible when this CPU is combined with a capable GPU.

So if you are getting a better deal on i7 10th gen laptops, just go for it because this CPU is still worth it.

The Intel i3 12th gen is an excellent CPU for budget laptops. Click here to check how it performs in gaming or video editing.

Are 10th Gen processors still good?

Yes, Intel 10th Gen processors are still good. They are powerful at handling every task.

If your usage includes some heavy tasks like using multiple apps at once, photo/video editing, or any other heavy software, then go with i5 or i7.

If you also need the power of a GPU, then put a workstation or gaming laptop on top of your priority list because these machines come with a dedicated GPU.

Lastly, if you are a basic user, then you can invest in an i3 laptop as it will get your work done. Know more about i3 10th gen laptops.

Final Verdict

After the launch of Intel 12th gen CPUs, we might see Intel 10th gen laptops disappearing from the market in some time.

The 11th gen processors are more powerful, especially in the GPU department, and the 12th gen CPUs are even faster, but we still think that 10th gen is worth buying.

We have been using the Asus Vivobook 14, which has an Intel i5 10th gen processor, for a couple of years now. This laptop gets our work done flawlessly.

It should work great for another couple of years.

So based on what we have experienced, we are comfortable recommending you a laptop with 10th gen CPU, but you must know your needs first.

Want a laptop that has the best display? Check the laptop under 50000 with stunning screen quality.

So, Is Intel 10th gen worth it? We are sure you know the answer now.

If you still have any doubt, then feel free to ask us in the comments. We would love to help you in this regard.

Do you agree or disagree with the points mentioned above? Do share your thoughts.

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  1. One of my Question is my boss is suggesting me to go for Dell g3 core i5 3500 than 11th gen Dell in this month of 2022. My question is which should I go for? Dell g3 3500 of nvidia gtx graphics model or 11th gen core i5 nvidia mx graphics Dell model laptop?

      1. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 5 with Intel Core i7-10610U is still a good laptop with great specifications. Even the 10th-generation CPU will work smoothly, as it’s from the i7 family. However, opting for at least an 11th-generation would be a better option.

  2. Hii,i am getting redmibook pro i5 11th at 40000 and mi notebook 17 10th at 43000 which one should i buy?

    1. Get the Mi Notebook 14. Despite having one gen older CPU, it offers way better-built quality, a better display, and a dedicated GPU. The overall experience is better on the Mi Notebook 14 compared to the RedmiBook Pro.

  3. Is infinix inbook x1 pro with i7 10th gen and 16gb ram will be able to play dota 2 and use a photoshop? I’m considering to buy it this coming december. Thanks!

    1. If you are getting the Infinix Inbook X1 Pro i7 10th-gen variant for 31k, then it’s an excellent deal.
      The minimum GPU requirement for DOTA 2 is Intel HD Graphics 3000. The Infinix Inbook X1 Pro comes with Intel Iris Plus G7, which is better than the 3000 series.
      So, technically you can play DOTA 2 on this laptop. But as there is no dedicated GPU, you will start noticing frame drops.
      So if you play casually, then it’s a good laptop, but if you are a heavy gamer, then you will start noticing lag.
      This laptop can also be used for video editing but keep the resolution to 1080p. It might not handle professional 4K video editing.

    1. There are multiple variants of MSI GF65 Thin with i7 10th gen, but maybe you are talking about the MSI GF65 Thin Core i7 10th Gen 10750H with 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, and RTX 3060 GPU.
      If you are asking about this particular model, then it’s still a powerful laptop, and it will easily last for the next 3-5 years.
      But don’t overpay for it. The MSI Katana GF66 also has similar specs and is available for 85k. But it has an i7-11th gen 11800H CPU. So make sure not to overpay for the i7-10th gen variant.

  4. I am thinking to buy a Nokia PureBook S14 Core i5 10th Gen from flipkart, since the 11th Gen model is Sold Out. Should I consider buying it or should I wait instead cuz frankly, I don’t think they are gonna make any more of these.

    1. For the price of under 30k, the Nokia PureBook S14 Core i5 10th Gen is a good deal. It’s not a mind-blowing laptop, but it does everything well in every department. It’s an all-rounder laptop for the price.

  5. Should I get a Huawei Matebook 13 i5 10th gen for 25k, or Asus Zenbook 13 OLED i5 11th gen for 35k? All for office and browsing work, not for gaming.

  6. Hi bro… Iam a btech 1st year student.. I want to buy a laptop for coding… Under 40k which laptop Is best to buy??
    Should I buy a refurbished laptop or new laptop.?

    1. For Rs 40,000, you can get a very good laptop with good features. So, instead of buying a refurbished laptop for 40k, consider getting a new one. Our top recommendation for under 40k is the HONOR MagicBook 14, which comes with a Ryzen 5 5500U CPU, 8GB RAM, and a 512GB SSD. It’s an excellent machine overall. However, if you prefer a laptop from a reputable brand, you can consider the ASUS Vivobook 14 with an Intel Core i3-1215U 12th Gen CPU. It is also great for coding. Lastly, the HP 14s with an AMD Ryzen 3 5300U is another solid option under 40000 for coding.

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