Is i3 12th Gen Good

After the launch of Intel 12th gen CPUs, many people are confused because this generation is said to have a significant performance upgrade.

Those who are not performance-hungry and need a system for daily use are thinking of buying the Intel i3 12th gen CPU or a laptop with the same processor.


  • Is i3 12th Gen Good for programming, gaming, or everyday use?
  • Is i3 12th gen better than i5?
  • Or Is Intel i3 12th gen better than i7 11th Gen?

Let’s find it out.

Is the i3 12th Gen Desktop CPU Good?

No matter which generation of processors you pick, the desktop versions are in a different league.

There is a significant performance difference between a desktop and mobile (laptop) CPU.

For example, the Intel i3 10th gen CPU laptop can’t handle games, but the desktop version of the Intel i3 10th gen with a decent GPU can handle games seamlessly.

Talking about the i3 12th gen (i3-12100 or i3-12100F), it’s an excellent budget-friendly CPU. Do have a quick look at what it has to offer.

CPUIntel i3-12100(F)
(Desktop CPU)
• Cores4
• Threads8
• Base freq3.30 GHz
• Max Freq4.30 GHz
• Tech 10 nm
• Cache12 MB
• TDP60W on i3-12100
58W on i3-12100F
89W Max on both

The good thing is that it comes with an Integrated UHD 730 Graphics, which can handle games at lower to medium settings.

We don’t suggest relying on this GPU for gaming because the lower frame rate won’t make the gaming experience that enjoyable, but still, you can play games.

It would be great to get a dedicated GPU for a seamless gaming experience.

Coming to other aspects, the i3 10th gen desktop CPU handles everyday tasks with ease. There is no problem in this regard.

So, the Intel i3 12th gen desktop CPU is not only good, but it’s one of the best budget CPUs.

We just took the i3-12100 and 12100F into consideration. If you opt for higher variants like i3-12400(F), 12500, 12600(K), and so on, then the performance will be even better.

Is the i3 12th Gen CPU on Laptops Good?

Is i3 12th Gen laptops Good

The i3-11th gen is still a great budget CPU for most users. But with the launch of the 12th gen, has it fallen behind?

The i3 11th gen is good, to be honest, but the i3 12th gen is a significant improvement.

Intel i3-1115G4Intel i3-1215U
Cores: 26 (2 Performance)
Threads: 48
Base Freq: 3.00 GHz1.10 GHz
Max Freq: 4.10 GHz4.40 GHz
10 nm10 nm
TDP: 12W15W

Because of the increased cores and threads, the performance leaps on the 12th gen. We just compared the i3 11th gen to the i3-1215U.

There is another variant of the i3-12th gen, which is the i3-1220P. It’s even more powerful than the i3-1215U. It has:

  • 10 Cores: 2 Performance, 8 Power Efficient
  • 12 Threads.
  • 1.10 GHz base and 4.40 max frequency.
  • 28 W default TDP

So, what do all these specifications translate to?

In simple words, the i3 12th is an excellent powerful budget CPU. Intel has made significant changes in the i3 12th-gen CPUs.

If you have to pick only one i3-12th gen CPU, then just get the i3-1220P CPU. It’s the best value for money and the most powerful CPU.

The performance difference is evident in everyday life as most tasks get done around 30% faster on the i3-1220P.

So overall, the i3 12th gen is a good and one of the best budget CPUs out there.

If you have doubts about i3 12th-gen laptops, then don’t worry, these laptops won’t disappoint you in performance. You can surely go for an Intel i3 12th gen laptop.

Is Intel i3 12th gen better than i5 11th Gen?

Most users are confused because the price of an i3 12th gen 1220P and i5 11th gen 1135G7 CPU laptop is almost the same.

If the price is almost the same, then which one is better than the other?

First, have a look at the specs sheet.

Intel i3-1220Pi5-1135G7
Cores: 10 (2 Performance)4
Threads: 128
Base Freq: 1.10 GHz2.40 GHz
Max Freq: 4.40 GHz4.20 GHz
10 nm10 nm
TDP: 28W28W

The above data is rendered from nanoreview, and you can clearly see the Intel i3-1220P taking the lead in every segment.

In everyday use, both the CPUs perform almost the same. Most users won’t even notice any difference.

If we compare the speed with the i5-1145G7, then the i3-1220P is still better.

Note that we are not comparing the i3 1220P to any of the i5 H series CPUs like i5-11400H, i5-11500H, and so on.

The i5 H series is dedicated to gaming, and the i3-1220P is nowhere near when it comes to performance.

So let’s make it simple. If you are getting an i3-1220P and i5-1135G7 for the same price, pick the i3-1220P. If you are getting i5-11400H or higher for the same price, pick the i5 H series.

Is Intel i3 12th gen better than i7 11th Gen?

The Intel i7 series is the mid to high range of processors. This series is used on mid-upper to high-end gaming laptops.

But we were surprised to see that Intel i3-1220P manages to compete with lower i7-11th gen CPUs like i7-1165G7. In fact, it outperforms i7-1165G7 in most scenarios.

No doubt, the i7-1165G7 is a fast CPU, but the i3-1220P is even faster. It’s weird to see an i3 CPU beating an i7 CPU.

So the story goes the same here, just like the Intel i5. The Intel i7 H series is on another level. So over the i7-1165G7 or the i7-1195G7, get the i3-1220P.

But if you are considering CPUs like i7-11800H, then there is no comparison as i7-11800H is an excellent CPU for power users.

So yes, Intel i3 12th gen is better than Intel i7 11th gen, but only in particular variants.

Is i3 12th Gen good for gaming?

Is i3 12th Gen Good for gaming

If we talk about the desktop i3 12th gen, then CPUs like i3-12100 or i3-12100F are one of the best budget CPUs for gaming. The higher model you pick, the better will be the gaming.

So there is no doubt that i3 12th gen desktop CPUs are one of the best for gaming on a budget.

But what about laptop gaming?

Currently, there are rarely any dedicated gaming laptops in the market housing an i3 12th-gen CPU. 

So if you want to play games on a non-gaming laptop, then you can play games to some extent.

The integrated GPU and powerful cores of Intel i3 12th gen can play most games on medium settings.

We are not saying that it can play all the games at higher settings, but occasional gaming users won’t face many issues.

If you are a student or office user and play games when you get free time, then you can trust the i3 12th gen.

But if you are a heavy gamer, then we suggest you go with a dedicated gaming laptop.

Is i3 12th Gen good for programming or coding?

Generally, Coding doesn’t require a dedicated GPU, as most of the code uses power from the CPU.

As the i3 12th gen is already so powerful, you can run all the codes with ease. All the coding software like Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Android Studio, and others will run smoothly. You won’t face any problems while programming on an i3 12th-gen laptop.

What about CAD?

To access the full potential of CAD, you should use a laptop with a good quality dedicated graphics card.

So as long as there is no dedicated GPU attached with i3-12th gen, you should avoid this CPU for using CAD.

These laptops under 50k have the best display out there. Have a look.

Is i3 12th Gen good for video editing?

Again, there is no problem with the desktop i3 12th gen as it can easily handle video editing.

On laptops, you can still edit videos, but the rendering will take more time to complete.

How long will it take?

If a laptop with a dedicated GPU completes the rendering in 10 minutes, the i3 12th gen without any GPU might take around 20-25 minutes.

This difference expands when we edit a 4K video.

So, for FHD video editing, the Intel i3 12th gen won’t disappoint you. But for professional 4K video editing, you should go for other laptops having more powerful CPUs with a good dedicated GPU.

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Final Verdict

Be it desktop CPU or mobile (laptop) CPU, the Intel i3 12th gen is a significant upgrade over the last gen.

Users consider the i3 CPU as an entry-level CPU that is being used on laptops for basic use.

But this time around, things are different, and Intel i3 12th gen is giving tough competition to some i5 or i7 11th gen CPUs.

Don’t worry about the performance on the i3 12th gen. You can surely go for this CPU for desktops or laptops.

You might also like the Asus Vivobook 14 vs 15 comparison.

We hope you got a good idea of whether the i3 12th gen is a good CPU for your needs.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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    1. If you are asking about laptops, then the Intel i5 11th gen H series is a better CPU because the H series have higher frequencies and are specially made for high-intensive tasks like gaming and video editing.
      If you are asking about desktop CPU, then you can go with either as both can handle video editing easily. Still, the i5 11th gen is slightly better.

  1. An Intel i3 13th generation processor with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD is also a very good combination, as it can handle all everyday tasks easily. Additionally, HP is a reliable brand, so you don’t have to worry about after-sales service.

  2. Hello! What about Intel Core i5 1240P vs i3 1220P ? Which one is better? The 1240P is about 100$ more expensive. Is it worth the money? The performance is that big a difference for that extra 100$? PLease respond on email if you can! Thank you very much!

  3. The Intel i5 1240P is approximately 12% faster than the i3 1220P. Its GPU operates at a 200 MHz higher speed, and it boasts 26.70 GB/s higher bandwidth. As a result, the i5 1240P is undeniably faster. However, it may not be worth the full $100 premium; it could be considered more reasonably priced at an additional $70 to $80.
    Still, if you have the budget, then go for the i5 1240P. If you are on a strict budget, the i3 1220P is also a great option. Its performance is roughly 80% of that of the i5 1240P.

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